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 (hŭm′frē, hŭmp′-), Doris 1895-1958.
American choreographer who produced works of modern dance based upon a principle of alternating relaxation and tension she termed "fall and recovery."


, Hubert Horatio 1911-1978.
Vice president of the United States (1965-1969) under Lyndon Johnson. He served as US senator from Minnesota (1949-1964 and 1971-1978) and ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 1968.


1. (Biography) Duke Humphrey See Gloucester21
2. (Biography) Hubert Horatio. 1911–78, US statesman; vice-president of the US under President Johnson (1965–69)


(ˈhʌm fri)

Hubert H(oratio), 1911–78, U.S. vice president 1965–69.
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This he sent to sail along with others under the command of his step-brother Sir Humphrey Gilbert, who was setting out upon a voyage of discovery.
This expedition was little more successful than Sir Humphrey Gilbert's, but nothing seemed to discourage Raleigh.
And that is the man Humphrey goes on saying that a woman may be happy with.
if a man could eat himself into knighthood, Humphrey, you had been a banneret at the least," observed another, amid a burst of laughter.
And if you could drink yourself in, old leather-head, you had been first baron of the realm," cried the aggrieved Humphrey.
Stint it, Humphrey," said the tall squire, with a burst of laughter.
It is no pleasant picture I can conjure up of myself, Humphrey Van Weyden, in that noisome ship's galley, crouched in a corner over my task, my face raised to the face of the creature about to strike me, my lips lifted and snarling like a dog's, my eyes gleaming with fear and helplessness and the courage that comes of fear and helplessness.
I had not been called "Sissy" Van Weyden all my days without reason, and that "Sissy" Van Weyden should be capable of doing this thing was a revelation to Humphrey Van Weyden, who knew not whether to be exultant or ashamed.
Humphrey got lost when he turned away from his whale pod to the outlet under the Golden Gate Bridge, in the San Francisco Bay.
A statement read as evidence by Christine's daughter, Charlotte Humphrey, said her mother "did not know how to control her emotions" following a diagnosis of depression and a bipolar condition.
PICK OF THE DAY Death In Paradise (9pm BBC1) JAMES Fox guest stars in the final episode of series four as Humphrey Goodman's dad.
Brooke Humphrey has been named global technology director for pork at the innovation campus in Elk River, Minn.