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Noun1.Hungarian capital - capital and largest city of HungaryHungarian capital - capital and largest city of Hungary; located on the Danube River in north-central Hungary
Hungary, Magyarorszag, Republic of Hungary - a republic in central Europe
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It also operates 5x weekly between the Hungarian capital and St.
The West Lothian outfit are in the midst of a preseason training camp in the Hungarian capital, with Holt putting his charges through punishing triple sessions in 35-degree heat.
A huge floating crane placed the Hableany (Mermaid) on a barge at Margit Bridge, the site of the tragedy in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.
The Mermaid boat sank in seconds on May 29 after a large cruise liner hit it from behind under a bridge in the Hungarian capital during heavy rain.
Amman, May 30 (Petra) -- At least seven people were killed and 19 went missing after a pleasure boat carrying South Korean tourists capsized on the flooding Danube in the Hungarian capital late Wednesday, an official source said.
Thirty-four people were on board the vessel when it collided with another large tourist boat in the Hungarian capital and capsized Wednesday at around 10 p.m.
A beer in the Hungarian capital costs an average PS1.06 - five times cheaper than the Danish city.
The equivalent of a pint in the Hungarian capital's bars costs an average PS1.06.
LOUGHBOROUGH swimmers Georgia Davies and Imogen Clark both secured podium finishes when they were part of a sevenstrong British squad taking part in the second leg of the inaugural FINA Champions Swim Series in the Hungarian capital of Budapest at the weekend.
Budapest, SANA -- A Syrian cultural center was held in the Hungarian capital Budapest, organized by the Syrian Embassy in Austria and the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest.
Al Jazeera reported that the protests on Sunday, also dubbed as "Merry Xmas Mr Prime Minister", by the demonstrators was the biggest protest held in the Hungarian capital till now.

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