Hungarian partridge

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Noun1.Hungarian partridge - common European partridgeHungarian partridge - common European partridge    
partridge - small Old World gallinaceous game birds
genus Perdix, Perdix - a genus of Perdicinae
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I followed closely through this uplander's paradise, anticipating the cackle of a rooster, the chuckle of a sharptail, or the whoosh of a rising covey of Hungarian Partridge.
The grass is good sharptail habitat and the draws and ditches filled witJh snowberry, wild roses and an assortment of greens are ideal Hungarian partridge habitat.
It's also friendlier to birds from other continents, especially chukar and Hungarian partridge, which evolved in drier, more open parts of Eurasia.
Other important exotic game birds include the chukar and Hungarian partridge.
I went specifically to hunt ducks, but the island harbors geese, and in the uplands, a shotgunner can find Hungarian partridge and ruffed grouse.
Timely tips: Duck, goose, chukar, Hungarian partridge and eastside quail seasons opened Saturday.
There are more than 200 private preserves and lodges throughout North America that offer hunting for native and non-native species, including pheasants, quail, chukars, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse, woodcock, turkeys, doves, ducks and geese (see sidebar, right).
And most precious of all, the flesh of the wild things that share with us these mountains and the plains to the east--the elk, the whitetail and mule deer; the ducks and geese, grouse and pheasant and Hungarian partridge and dove and chukar and wild turkey; the trout and whitefish.
It's an uplander's paradise: The steep slopes and ravines are home to sharptailed grouse, while the dense cover surrounding adjacent farmland shelters pheasant and Hungarian partridge.
I didn't count the holes, but the patterns were adequate for anything from Hungarian partridge to pheasants, and at 30 yards hard 7-1/2s penetrate plenty on pheasants.

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