Ramsay Hunt syndrome

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Noun1.Ramsay Hunt syndrome - syndrome resulting from infection by the herpes varicella zoster virus; characterized by vertigo and pain in the ears and facial nerve paralysis and sometimes hearing loss
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
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Ramsay hunt syndrome complicated by brainstem encephalitis in varicella-zoster virus infection.
An unexpected case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome: case report and literature review.
Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when we have shingles, which affects the nerves on the face.
Ramsay Hunt syndrome may result in facial paralysis and hearing loss when there is involvement of the facial or auditory nerve.
Trigeminal herpes zoster and ramsay hunt syndrome with a lesion in the spinal trigeminal nucleus and tract.
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He immediately stated, "You have Ramsey Hunt syndrome" (also known as herpes zoster oticus).
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Based on our patient's clinical presentation, we diagnosed herpes zoster oticus--also known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome. This syndrome is a rare complication of herpes zoster that occurs when latent varicella zoster virus (VZV) infection reactivates and spreads to affect the geniculate ganglion.
encephalomyelitis, and 1 case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. In children with acute nonstroke complications, neurologic symptoms occurred a median 5 days after the onset of rash, but neurologic symptoms predated the onset of rash in five cases and in two cases there were no exanthems.