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Prepared with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, herbs, and sometimes wine: chicken cacciatore.

[Italian, hunter, from cacciare, to hunt, from Vulgar Latin *captiāre; see chase1.]


(ˌkɑːtʃəˈtɔːrɪ; ˌkætʃ-) or


(Cookery) (immediately postpositive) prepared with tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, and other seasonings
[Italian, literally: hunter]
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A: The Boyds website shows several types of stocks for your Glen field Model 25, ranging from the Hunter style through the Varmint Thumbhole and Pro Varmint styles to the Barracuda style.
Sights are the typical Hunter style used on other Ruger handguns, consisting of a red fiber-optic front sight matched up with a V-notch rear sight.
To benefit riders from a variety of equestrian disciplines, contest participants will have the opportunity to win the very first in the new "B&W Domino" series the Hunter style Slip-Stopping[TM] Saddle Pad.
I'm fitter, stronger and more determined and I want to give the Sunderland fans a taste of the Hunter style.
The knife which was left behind by the raiders was brand new and of a particularly vicious hunter style with one half serrated.
Hunter styles himself as an "undercover journalist" and so films every encounter, putting them up on his website.
In this issue's feature well, critic Wendy Smith casts an analytic eye on the efforts of a raft of theatres reassessing the masterworks of Eugene O'Neill (page 26); reporter Hunter Styles quizzes director Michael Kahn about his deft condensation of perhaps the most outlandish O'Neill of all (page 30); and interviewer Stuart Miller provokes writers and designers to compare notes about what they see in their heads before plays ever hit the stage (page 32).
Retailing from $39 to $99, the Hunter styles that are currently part of the program include nine SKUs.
Hunter Styles is a theatre writer based in Washington, D.

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