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Prepared with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, herbs, and sometimes wine: chicken cacciatore.

[Italian, hunter, from cacciare, to hunt, from Vulgar Latin *captiāre; see chase1.]


(ˌkɑːtʃəˈtɔːrɪ; ˌkætʃ-) or


(Cookery) (immediately postpositive) prepared with tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, and other seasonings
[Italian, literally: hunter]
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There were also problems with the hunter-style Jagerschnitzel (PS12).
Delzanno will also serve his take on cacciatore (a dish, like chicken, prepared hunter-style), 'the way they do it in the northern part of Italy where I come from,' he says.
Available with either hardwood hunter-style stock or skeleton tactical stock (shown), both with an 11.75-inch length of pull.
Aside from the hand-guilloched solid gold dial, what also distinguishes this series of timepieces is the hunter-style caseback reminiscent of vintage pocket watches.
Its hinged, hunter-style case back, with elaborate guilloche work also found on the sides of the case, flips open to reveal a sapphire window, which displays one of the most distinctive movements on the market today.
In one scene, when he replaces his Colt in the hoister hanging on a door, you can clearly see the three Hunter-style Chicago screws on the back of the rig.
Angela Arden Charles Busch Edith Sussman Natasha Lyonne Tony Parker Jason Priestley Bootsie Carp Frances Conroy Sol Sussman Philip Baker Hall Lance Sussman Stark Sands Sam Fishbein Victor Raider-Wexler Shatzi Van Allen Nora Dunn Doing for the cheesier Ross Hunter-style bigscreen soaps of the early/mid-'60s what "Far From Heaven" did for the plush Douglas Sirk melodramas of a decade earlier--albeit with tongue planted much further in cheek--writer-star Charles Busch's "Die Mommie Die!" is an enjoyable genre homage-cum-parody.
The man, wearing hunter-style camouflage clothing, pointed the gun at a store clerk.
Cacciatore simply means a dish cooked hunter-style (like the French chasseur)--a one-pan affair based on meant or poultry, tomatoes, wine (usually white), and additional amenities prescribed or limited by the chef's imagination.
Over a four-hour period, Escoffier students had to produce three technically demanding dishes incorporating nine cooking techniques-Eggs Florentine, Sauteed Hunter-Style Chicken and Lemon Meringue Tartlets.