Hunting box

Same As Hunting lodge (below).
- Tylor.

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"Thirteen years ago," he said, "two young men--call them by their Christian names, Wingrave and Lumley--shared a somewhat extensive hunting box in Leicestershire.
GHOST BLIND * The Octagon Hunting Box Blind comes in a DIY kit that's quick and easy to assemble.
In the main gallery, a trio of Helms's huge charcoal mountain-scapes, meticulously drawn and suitably brooding, surrounds two freestanding wooden structures, Undying Glare (all work 2007), a simple hunting box with viewing slot on one side and a semi-devotional diorama of the long vanished bison on the other, and Untitled Landscape, a soaring, rickety edifice from some distant outpost.
The village is at the heart of Pytchley Hunt country and in the 1870s, the Empress Elizabeth of Austria took a lease on the local hall as a hunting box.
Flambeau Products Corporation's New Collapsible Foam Active Hen and Intruder Jake fold to fit in a pocket, pack, or hunting box, which makes them an excellent choice when it comes to versatility.
1988) (defendant set down hunting box in field and walked some distance away to hunt; held not to have abandoned box and contents).
Interestingly enough, she visited Althorp as part of the English country house set, her sister the exiled Queen of Naples having taken a hunting box near the estate.