Hunting seat

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The castle building has relation to the Wettinern, since it was first mentioned as hunting seat of the Margrave Dietrich of Meissen.
His most recent project with his boys was building a hunting seat 17 feet up in the trees where he loved to drink cocoa with them and watch the deer.
South Miami, FL, October 19, 2014 --( An innovative new product designed to serve as a diverse, multi-functional tool for duck hunters everywhere, the Jackson Hunting Seat, has been developed by Corey Jackson of Onalaska, Wisconsin.
The Jackson Hunting Seat's proprietary features enable it to be conveniently portable to virtually any location in hands-free fashion.
The inventor of the Jackson Hunting Seat has developed a working prototype that he has utilized with success.
For example, she suggests that the landed classes distinguished themselves from other Europeans by employing what they termed the 'English hunting seat', new forms of riding embodiment and displays of self.
Equally her chapter on the extent to which the English hunting seat owed its origins to the East is interesting but hard to prove.
He, too, used a recurve; sat on a hunting seat perched high in a tree on a wooden stand he built out of scrap lumber; and wore only a pair of black army boots, jeans, blue and black insulated flannel shirt, and an army-green stocking cap.
The village is dominated by the grand palace, built by the Stuarts as a royal hunting seat.
The Sportsman's Rump Rester, a ground hunting seat, is designed for hunting and bank fishing.
The lines and swivel clips are stored inside box-style dove hunting seats. The blind is higher toward the stern, so hunters in that area sit on bar stools.
Some bears have been swimming north, apparently trying to reach the polar ice, which they depend on as a platform for hunting seats. Polar bears are powerful swimmers, but receding Arctic ice has left them susceptible to drowning.