Hunting shirt

a coarse shirt for hunting, often of leather.
- Gray.

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References in classic literature ?
He wore a hunting shirt of forest-green, fringed with faded yellow*, and a summer cap of skins which had been shorn of their fur.
Among the exciting artifacts shown are treasures from the Lewis and Clark collection, such as the Plains hunting shirt with quill ornamentation that one of the explorers wore during the expedition; the famous stone head of a Maize God from the Mayan ruins at Copan; a four-foot feathered headdress made by the Yanana people of Surinam and Brazil; a graceful wooden bowl carved by a Blackfoot artist; a late sixteenth-century cast brass relief plaque from Benin; and a rare helmet mask from the Semale Bundo Society of the Gola of Liberia.
Ryan Price from Swanton, OH, cut his hunting shirt to form a tourniquet to stop the profuse bleeding and then used his cell phone to call 911 to save the life of a man who had cut himself while trying to dress a deer.
My all-time favorite hunting shirt is Whitewater Outdoors' Windstopper Shirt in Realtree or Advantage.
Price cut his hunting shirt to form a tourniquet to stop the profuse bleeding and then used his cell phone to call 911.
When we finally returned, our gear was strewn everywhere, although the only real casualty was Gouge's red-checkered hunting shirt.
Walking around your home town in a hunting shirt and jeans could get you questioned as a "suspicious character" even though it is the same shirt and jeans you wore to your daughter's wedding and to work every day.
com * Whitewater Outdoors You'll find an extensive warm-weather product line, including Super-Lite Hunting Shirt, Super-Lite Zip-off Pants, X-Hale Mock Turtleneck, and Long Sleeve T-shirts.
GAMEHIDE--HunterHide Junior Jacket and Spike Bib outfit plus Clever Cloth hunting shirt.
The burglar is described as a tall white male, 6 feet to 6 feet, 3 inches tall, dressed in a black-and-white hunting shirt with a hood, which he wore over his head.
I'm also in the process of developing a "keeper" attached to jacket or hunting shirt to hold the sling in place when I'm not toting a packframe.
One of their officers recorded that "many of the Rebels who were killed in the late affairs, were without shoes or stockings, and several were observed to have only linen drawers on, with a rifle or hunting shirt, without any proper shirt or waistcoat.