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or Hu·nya·dy  (ho͝on′yä-dē, -yô-), János 1387?-1456.
Hungarian general and nationalist leader who fought to protect Hungary from Turkish conquest (1437-1456).
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(Hungarian ˈhunjɔdi)
(Biography) János (ˈjaːnoʃ). ?1387–1456, Hungarian general, who led Hungarian resistance to the Turks, defeating them notably at Belgrade (1456)
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or Hu•nya•dy

(ˈhʊn yɒd i)

János, 1387?–1456, Hungarian soldier and national hero.
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You are in the presence of three powerful sovereigns: myself, Clopin Trouillefou, King of Thunes, successor to the Grand Coësre, supreme suzerain of the Realm of Argot; Mathias Hunyadi Spicali, Duke of Egypt and of Bohemia, the old yellow fellow whom you see yonder, with a dish clout round his head; Guillaume Rousseau, Emperor of Galilee, that fat fellow who is not listening to us but caressing a wench.
John Hunyadi's name is written on a rifle, while Mihaly Szilagyi Horogszegi's name is on an ammunition magazine.
Past research suggests that when a message is not ambiguous, those who are motivated to process information will pay more attention to and be more influenced by the message content than those with less motivation to process information (Bohner, Chaiken, & Hunyadi, 1994; Chaiken & Maheswaran, 1994).
She covers opera and national consciousness, national opera as a political force, the struggle for a national theater, taking the stage: opera in the Hungarian theater, and Ferenc Erkel's operas Hunyadi Laszl (1844) and Bank Ban (1861).
Between February 8 and 13, in six performances in three venues, it will play national gems: the Laszlo Hunyadi opera by Ferenc Erkel, and the ballet version of famous operetta by Franz Lehar, The Merry Widow (Vesela vdova).
(4) For various critical approaches to Wilder's work, see Martin Blank, ed., Critical Essays on Thornton Wilder (New York: Twayne, 1996); Martin Blank, Dalma Hunyadi Brunauer, and David Garrett Izzo, eds., Thornton Wilder: New Essays (West Cornwall, CT: Locust Hill, 1999); Jackson R.
(1995), the model's additivity hypothesis and interaction hypotheses including attenuation hypothesis and bias hypothesis have received support in a number of studies (Bohner, Chaiken & Hunyadi, 1994; Bohner, Crow, Erb & Schwarz, 1992; Chaiken & Maheswaran, 1994; Maheswaran & Chaiken, 1991).
Hunyadi et al., "Chemical sensing and imaging with metallic nanorods," Chemical Communications, vol.
Hunyadi [9] compared the performance between apriori and FP-Growth algorithms.
9:30 SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF NOVEL NANOTHERMOMETERS **, Delphine Baumert, * George Larsen, Simona Hunyadi Murph
When private businessman George Hunyadi pulled out of the recycling center last year, he took most of the equipment with him.