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or Hoo•pa

(ˈhu pə)

n., pl. -pas, (esp. collectively) -pa.
1. a member of an American Indian people of NW California.
2. the Athabaskan language of the Hupa.
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Noun1.Hupa - a member of the Athapaskan people of the Trinity River valley in CaliforniaHupa - a member of the Athapaskan people of the Trinity River valley in California
Athabaskan, Athapascan, Athapaskan, Athabascan - a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Athapaskan language and living in the subarctic regions of western Canada and central Alaska
2.Hupa - the Athapaskan language spoken by the Hupa
Athabascan, Athapaskan language, Athabaskan, Athapascan, Athapaskan - a group of Amerindian languages (the name coined by an American anthropologist, Edward Sapir)
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'Ang Hupa,' topbilled by Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao, premiered at the Director's Fortnight section, which ran alongside the prestigious 2019 Cannes Film Festival in France.
This screening is a homecoming of sort for Diaz's 'Ang Hupa' after making its world premiere at the prestigious Directors' Fortnight, the non-competition section of Cannes Film Festival, in France early this year.
Apart from "Ang Hupa", Prachya Pinkaew's "Sisters" and Eric Khoo's "Folklore: Tatami" are also in the section.
The states could also adopt the rules notified by the HUPA, officials said.
Aim: Conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTS) about HupA augmentation in the treatment of MDD to evaluate its efficacy and safety.
Senior officers including Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development and Secretary, HUPA as well as officials of Odisha Government were also present at the meeting.
It describes the state of the Hupa language, focusing on a Hupa language class for the community on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation and noting that acceptance of technology among fluent speakers of an indigenous language can influence how successfully technology is used.
Yesterday Det Insp Martin Jeffs read a statement from James Bradley, a sub-contractor for Oceaneering International, employers of both Mr Glazzard and Mr Hupa.
Huperzine A (HupA), a purified compound of Chinese club moss (Huperzia serrata), inhibits the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter crucial for memory that's in short supply in people with Alzheimer's.
Last November The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave Nutrapharm approval to market HupA as a nutritional supplement.
The Northern Utes of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico; the Hupa of the Trinity River valley in northern California; and the Todono O'odham, or Desert People of the Papagos in Arizona represent tribes using quite different environments in idiosyncratic ways.