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 (hyo͝or′ən, -ŏn′)
n. pl. Huron or Hu·rons
1. A member of a Native American confederacy formerly inhabiting southeast Ontario around Lake Simcoe, with small present-day populations in Quebec and northeast Oklahoma, where they are known as Wyandot. The Huron traded extensively throughout eastern Canada until the confederacy was destroyed by war with the Iroquois in the mid-1600s.
2. The Iroquoian language of the Huron.

[French, boor, Huron, from Old French hure, bristling hair.]
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npl -rons or -ron
1. (Placename) Lake Huron a lake in North America, between the US and Canada: the second largest of the Great Lakes. Area: 59 570 sq km (23 000 sq miles)
2. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in the region east of Lake Huron
3. (Languages) the Iroquoian language of this people
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(ˈhyʊər ən, -ɒn; often ˈyʊər-)

n., pl. -rons, (esp. collectively) -ron.
1. a member of a confederacy of American Indian tribes formerly living E of Lake Huron: widely dispersed after 1649 as a result of Iroquois attacks.
2. the extinct Iroquoian language of the Huron.
3. Lake, a lake between the U.S. and Canada: second largest of the Great Lakes. 23,010 sq. mi. (59,595 sq. km).
[1625–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.Huron - the 2nd largest of the Great LakesHuron - the 2nd largest of the Great Lakes  
Great Lakes - a group of five large, interconnected lakes in central North America
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The most important of these was at Michilimackinac, situated at the strait of the same name, which connects Lakes Huron and Michigan.
Lawrence near Montreal, and by other rivers and portages, to Lake Nipising, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and thence, by several chains of great and small lakes, to Lake Winnipeg, Lake Athabasca, and the Great Slave Lake.
Every now and then a large body of Ottawas, Hurons, and other tribes who hunted the countries bordering on the great lakes, would come down in a squadron of light canoes, laden with beaver skins, and other spoils of their year's hunting.
"Not by birth, though adopted in that tribe; I think his birthplace was farther north, and he is one of those you call a Huron."
"A Huron!" repeated the sturdy scout, once more shaking his head in open distrust; "they are a thievish race, nor do I care by whom they are adopted; you can never make anything of them but skulls and vagabonds.
de Morcerf" (these words were accompanied by a most peculiar smile), "whether you undertake, upon my arrival in France, to open to me the doors of that fashionable world of which I know no more than a Huron or a native of Cochin-China?"
Based in Detroit, Huron Capital is an operationally-focused private equity firm with a long history of growing lower middle-market companies through its ExecFactor buy-and-build investment model.
Huron Capital partnered with StayOnline through its non-control equity group, Huron Flex Equity, in 2017 with the goal of pursuing growth organically and through acquisition opportunities.
Together, Huron and HSM expect to cover a range of EHR technology solutions.
The diocese of Huron, which stretches from Lake Erie in the south to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in the north, includes the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, the largest Native reserve in Canada.
"As the size, complexity, and demands of litigation increase, both in-house and law firm litigation teams must effectively use evidence, case documents, and other key pieces of information to ultimately secure a successful outcome," said Bob Rowe, executive vice president, Huron Legal.