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a.1.(Geol.) Of or pertaining to certain non-fossiliferous rocks on the borders of Lake Huron, which are supposed to correspond in time to the latter part of the Archæan age.
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Geologically the Cameron Cobalt property is located within the Cobalt Embayment in the Southern Province of the Canadian Shield where Huronian Supergroup sedimentary rocks lay unconformably overly Archean basement rocks.
1980): Stromatolites and fenestral fabric in Early Proterozoic Huronian Supergroup, Ontario.
If, as Boss argues, the "project of canonization was inescapably a project of publication," (12) then the Relations and the Manuscript of 1652 failed like the Huronian missions.
Native silver and (to a lesser extent) native bismuth generally occur with cobalt-arsenides, sulfarsenides and sulfosalts in near-vertical carbonate ([+ or -] silicate) veins cutting Huronian sedimentary rocks of the Gowganda Formation, Archean greenstones, and the Paleoproterozoic Nipissing diabase (Fig.
Claims include ground containing Huronian Supergroup conglomerate in contact with Nipissing diabase; a favourable geological setting for cobalt-silver mineralization