hurry up

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يَسْتَعْجِلُيُسْرِع، يُعَجِّل
popohnatpospíšit (si)spěchat
skynde (sig)
flÿta ; flÿttu òér!
skynda (sig) på
acele etmekçabuk olmak
nhanh lên

w>hurry up

visich beeilen; hurry up!Beeilung!, beeil dich!; hurry up and put your coat on!jetzt zieh dir schnell deinen Mantel an!, mach schon und zieh dir deinen Mantel an!; can’t you make him hurry up?kannst du nicht dafür sorgen, dass er sich beeilt?; hurry up with that coffee, will you!beeilen Sie sich mit dem Kaffee!
vt sep personzur Eile antreiben; work, process etcvorantreiben, beschleunigen; hurry it up!Beeilung!
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(ˈhari) , ((American) ˈhə:ri) verb
1. to (cause to) move or act quickly, often too quickly. You'd better hurry if you want to catch that bus; If you hurry me, I'll make mistakes.
2. to convey quickly. After the accident, the injured man was hurried to the hospital.
1. the act of doing something quickly, often too quickly. In his hurry to leave, he fell and broke his arm.
2. the need to do something quickly. Is there any hurry for this job?
ˈhurried adjective
1. done quickly, often too quickly. This was a very hurried piece of work.
2. (negative unhurried) forced to do something quickly, often too quickly. I hate feeling hurried.
ˈhurriedly adverb
in a hurry
1. acting quickly. I did this in a hurry.
2. wishing or needing to act quickly. I'm in a hurry.
3. soon; easily. You won't untie this knot in a hurry.
4. eager. I'm in a hurry to see my new house.
hurry up
to (cause to) move quickly. Hurry him up, will you; Do hurry up!
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hurry up

يَسْتَعْجِلُ pospíšit (si) skynde (sig) beeilen (sich) επισπεύδω darse prisa kiirehtiä se presser požuriti sbrigarsi 急ぐ 서두르다 opschieten skynde seg pośpieszyć się despachar поторапливать(ся) skynda (sig) på เร็วเข้าหน่อย acele etmek nhanh lên 赶快
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