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n.1.An usher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Suki Trading Corporation, represented by its sales and marketing head, Albert dela Torre, signed a contract price of ?4.179 million for three corn husher and shellers; two mechanical rice transplanters, one portable feed mill, 12 mechanical reapers, three multi-cultivators/hand sugarcane cultivators, and a coffee parchment huller machine.
Phyllis Mitchell, RN, MSN, Executive Director of the Vermont Board of Nursing, is pleased to welcome Kristin Husher, RN, MSN, as the Nursing Program Manager.
There have been some more formal studies of programs that have widespread application across school systems (see, for example, Forbes & Skamp, 2013; Husher, 2010; Rennie, 2012).
Denver, CO, August 31, 2014 --( Karsh Hagan, a full service-advertising, branding and digital agency, developed the 'Husher School' campaign for Colorado's 2014 BMW Championship golf event, which begins September 2nd.
waiting for the newspaper delivery truck to roll your bundles off the bed; you've both dated Sharon Husher, though lately she seems to be going more and more with Robbie; still, so many things you've shared with Robbie, so you put one last thing you've shared with him together with all the others, the next awful thing you haven't thought about for so long.
Paul Rattue with the owners of Crocus Rose after the Betting Shop Manager Handicap at Doncaster last month Paul Wilcox, Kelly Ann Chadwick, Jason Deeley, Judith Shutt, Simon Rousell, Elsa Kerr, James Max Lino and Eleanor Mathieson Marc Husher, Jemma Holland, Stephen Kennedy, Cindy Hunter, Barry Orr, Debbie Smith, Keith Lewsey and George Papamichael Angela Bowers, Paul Rattue, Garry Smith, Christine Brewer, John Gibson, Cathy Clarke, Sinead Courtney and Julian Edwards
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Husher (3) was the first to perform a videoscopic thyroidectomy.
(157) Haines v Bendall (1991) 172 CLR 60, 63 (Mason CJ, Dawson, Toohey and Gaudron JJ); see also Husher v Husher (1999) 197 CLR 138, 142-3 (Gleeson CJ, Gummow, Kirby and Hayne JJ), where their Honours endorsed the same principle.