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Noun1.Hosni Mubarak - Egyptian statesman who became president in 1981 after Sadat was assassinated (born in 1929)
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Lahore -- PTI Core Committee Member Senator Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar has said that Husni Mubarak neither benefitted from looted money nor our rulers will be able to use the looted money.
From Nasser, the post was held by Anwar Sadat,A Husni Mubarak,A Muhammad MursiA and Sissi.A Sufi Abu TalebA acted as president betweenA Sadat's 1981 assassinationA and the election of Mubarak.
25, 2011, forced long-ruling President Husni Mubarak to step down on Feb.
Cairo: Egypt's top appeals court on Thursday postponed until November 3 the retrial of former president Husni Mubarak on charges related to protester killings after he had not appeared at the court.
Abu al-Gheit served as Egypt's FM during the last seven years of Husni Mubarak's rule, leaving his post in 2011, following the protests that toppled the ageing ruler.
YouTube Started Deleting Egypt's Husni Mubarak Era Torture Videos, But Why?
This pipeline was blown up repeatedly since the fall of Egypt's long-serving President Husni Mubarak on Feb.
After the overthrow of longtime strongman president Husni Mubarak in February 2011, continued turmoil resulted in wiping out much of the country's all-important tourism earnings and damaging other business sectors as well.
The schools included nine in Nava district and four in Zankhan district, education director, Husni Mubarak Azizi, told a news conference.
Following the January 2011 revolution which resulted in the fall of long-serving President Husni Mubarak and his government, the petroleum sector has developed a new economic model for E&P and downstream investment, with emphasis on boosting the national economy through increased exports as well as transferring technology and increasing job opportunities.
SANA'A, Aug 9 -- Many Yemenis have expressed deep satisfaction with the on-going trial of former Egyptian president Husni Mubarak. He was called to the dock on Wednesday.
The Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, which preceded the Libyan, managed to oust presidents Zein El Abidin Ben Ali and Husni Mubarak, respectively, with relatively less bloodshed than what is taking place in Libya, where a bloodthirsty megalomaniac warned the people in Libya that either they accept him as their leader or else they face annihilation.