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Hus·sein 1

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) 626-680.
The grandson of Muhammad and son of Fatima and Ali, revered by Shiites as the third imam.

Hus·sein 2

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) Full name King Hussein bin Talal. 1935-1999.
King of Jordan (1953-1999) who established a constitutional hereditary monarchy and espoused a moderate, generally pro-Western policy in the Middle East. He lost western Jordan to Israel in the Six-Day War (1967) but was later instrumental in negotiating the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace (1994).


1. (Biography) Also: Husain 1935–99, king of Jordan (1952–99)
2. (Biography) Saddam (sæˈdæm). 1937–2006, Iraqi politician: president (1979–2003) and prime minister (1994–2003) of Iraq. He led Iraq into the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88) and the Gulf War (1991) but was deposed and captured in the US-led invasion of 2003; executed 2006


(Hussein bin Tal Abdullah al-Hashem), 1935–99, king of Jordan 1952–99.



Sad•dam (ˈsɑ dəm, səˈdɑm) (at-Takriti), born 1937, president of Iraq since 1979.
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Noun1.Hussein - Iraqi leader who waged war against IranHussein - Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran; his invasion of Kuwait led to the Gulf War (born in 1937)
2.Hussein - king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)