n.1.The business of a housewife; female domestic economy and skill.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Christensen's readings show how the drama undercuts domestic ideology with scenes like those in Arden of Faversham where Alice enacts a parody of good huswifery or struggles with her husband for domestic control.
Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry: As Well for the Champion Or Open Country, as for the Woodland Or Several; Together with A Book of Huswifery. Being a Calendar of Rural and Domestic Economy, for Every Month in the Year; and Exhibiting a Picture of the Agriculture, Customs, and Manners of England, in the Sixteenth Century.
They worked at huswifery and husbandry, and set up cooperative stores.
Such sentiment reaches a crescendo in the speech that begins, 'When as she swept like Venus through the house, / And in her shape fast folded up my thoughts, / Into the milkhouse went I with the maid, / And there amongst the cream bowls she did shine / As Pallas 'mongst her princely huswifery' (72-6).
Bantering with Desdemona on the quay of Cyprus, Iago stereotypes women as "wildcats in [their] kitchens, / Saints in [their] injuries, devils being offended, / Players in [their] huswifery, and huswives in [their] beds" (2.1.112-14).
The fourth miscellaneous poem, "Huswifery," is the one by which Taylor is most widely known.
In "`Players in your huswifery, and huswives in your beds': Conflicting Identities of Early Modern English Women," Mary Thomas Crane also performs a philological tour de force.
Jonson's poem ends with the highest compliments for Lady Barbara Sidney, born Gamage, whose Penshurst huswifery was apparently of a truly impeccable standard.
Rather, it is the description of the estate's "good lady," who greets the king and reaps the poem's highest praise for her "high huswifery" (lines 84-90).
The "Social Background" section emphasizes contributions of women with a long stack on huswifery, social and economic relationships between the sexes, an extensive section on women writers, and reference to misogynistic tendencies of the day, including James I's infamous comment about an erudite woman, "But can she spin?"
He also hid in Batten's house when bailiffs came to his own door to arrest him, and stayed in Sir William Penn's house when his own was being renovated.(62) Lady Sandwich came to expect his company, "(she lying prettily in bed)," and to talk with him privately "of innocent discourse of huswifery and husbands for her daughters, and the luxury and looseness of the times and other such things .
Thomas Davis and Virginia Davis, 1981) collects the earliest religious satires, Harvard elegies and verse declamations, acrostics, love poems, occasional (1674-1683) and allegorical lyrics ("Huswifery"); the 1670-1700s metrical paraphrases of Psalms and Job; and his later elegies and 1720s valedictions anticipating death.