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 (hə-zär′, -sär′)
1. A horseman of the Hungarian light cavalry organized during the 1400s.
2. A member of any of similar, ornately uniformed European units of light cavalry.

[Hungarian huszár, of Slavic origin; akin to Serbian Church Slavonic husarĭ, highwayman, raider, and Serbo-Croatian husa, plundering, invasion, trap, both from Proto-Slavic *xǫsa, raiding, robbery, band of robbers, of Germanic origin; akin to Gothic hansa and Old English hōs, troop, band, and Middle Low German hanse, hanse.]


1. (Military)
a. a member of any of various light cavalry regiments in European armies, renowned for their elegant dress
b. (pl; cap when part of a name): the Queen's own Hussars.
2. (Military) a Hungarian horseman of the 15th century
[C15: from Hungarian huszár hussar, formerly freebooter, from Old Serbian husar, from Old Italian corsaro corsair]



1. (originally) one of a body of Hungarian light cavalry formed during the 15th century.
2. a member of a class of similar troops in European armies.
[1525–35; < Hungarian huszár < Serbo-Croatian hȕsār brigand, pirate < Medieval Latin cursārius corsair]
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Noun1.hussar - a member of a European light cavalry unithussar - a member of a European light cavalry unit; renowned for elegant dress
cavalryman, trooper - a soldier mounted on horseback; "a cavalryman always takes good care of his mount"


[həˈzɑːʳ] Nhúsar m


nHusar m
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This approach has been widely employed in ecological studies and is an effective tool for explaining community structures and their responses to alterations in environmental conditions (Kruk, Mazzeo, Lacerot, & Reynolds, 2002; Kruk et al, 2011; Brasil & Huszar, 2011; Reynolds, 2014; Torok et al, 2016).
Consistent with Boehmer, Huszar, and Jordan (2010), predictability is stronger for low short interest portfolios.
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The acoustic quartet consisting of guitarist and vocalist Shishani, mbria and kora player and vocalist Debby Korfmacher, celloist Bence Huszar and percussionist Sjahin are integrating musical elements from Namibia with a new set of instruments, rhythms and harmonies.
For determination of the collagen content (HYP), digested tissue samples were hydrolyzed in 6 M hydrochloric acid (Merck, Amsterdam, NL), and orthohydroxyproline content was assessed as described previously using an assay modified from Huszar et al.
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Macesz Huszar (Matzo Hussar), or Jewish Bistro Budapest, opened in 2012 on a busy corner in "the heart of the Old Jewish Quarter"--it serves "traditional and revised dishes," according to its website (www.
Based on the catalogue of the exhibition Cercle et carre, we could list the members of the group as follows: Arp, Baumeister, Bjarnason, Buchheister, Cahn, Clausen, Colson, Cueto, Charchounne, Daura, Exter, Fillia, Foltyn, Gorin, Chodasiewicz Grabowska, Hoste, Huszar, Idelson, Kandinsky, Lafnet, Le Corbusier, Leger, Luethy, Mondrian, Seuphor, Mosczynsky, Olson, Ozenfant, Pevsner, Prampolini, Russolo, Sartoris, Schwitters, Stazewski, Szmuszkowicz, Stella, Suschny, Taeuber-Arp, Torres-Garda, Vordemberge-Gildewart, Adya Van Rees, Otto van Rees, Vantongerloo, Welti, Werkman and Wolska; Freundlich participated too, although he is not listed in the journal.