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A city of south-central Kansas on the Arkansas River northwest of Wichita. It grew as a salt-mining center in the late 1800s.


(ˈhʌtʃ ɪn sən)

1. Anne Marbury, 1591–1643, American religious leader, born in England.
2. Thomas, 1711–80, American colonial administrator of Massachusetts 1769–74.
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Noun1.Hutchinson - American colonist (born in England) who was banished from Boston for her religious views (1591-1643)Hutchinson - American colonist (born in England) who was banished from Boston for her religious views (1591-1643)
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Hutchinson presided at these meetings, sitting with great state and dignity in Grandfather's chair.
Hutchinson had many zealous friends and converts," continued Grandfather.
Hutchinson, and other troubles, caused him to leave country in 1637.
This rose-bush, by a strange chance, has been kept alive in history; but whether it had merely survived out of the stern old wilderness, so long after the fall of the gigantic pines and oaks that originally overshadowed it, or whether, as there is far authority for believing, it had sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Ann Hutchinson as she entered the prison-door, we shall not take upon us to determine.
Following the mimic representative of Hutchinson came a military figure, holding before his face the cocked hat which he had taken from his powdered head; but his epaulettes and other insignia of rank were those of a general officer, and something in his mien reminded the beholders of one who had recently been master of the Province House, and chief of all the land.
Hutchinson will like me, Arthur," she said, looking up.
It seemed hardly to break the peaceful flow of life at Dove Cottage, when, in 1802, Wordsworth married his old playmate and schoolfellow, Mary Hutchinson.
In 1802 he married Mary Hutchinson, who had been one of his childish schoolmates, a woman of a spirit as fine as that of his sister, whom she now joined without a thought of jealousy in a life of self-effacing devotion to the poet.
Asa Hutchinson reported Wednesday that he and his wife accepted nearly $65,000 in trips from groups last year, more than half from a nonprofit foundation that paid for three international trade missions.
Michelle Hutchinson, 44, was employed by the victim at her flat, in Blyth, Northumberland.
A judge said the sick actions of maintenance worker Carl Hutchinson, 29, had left him shocked after hearing details of his offences.
IAN HUTCHINSON experienced a terrifying moment during a practice session at the Isle of Man TT in 2012, surviving a high-speed collision.