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 (hŭt′ə-rīt′, ho͝ot′-)
A member of an Anabaptist sect originating in Moravia and now living communally in parts of Canada and the northwest United States.

[After Jakob Hutter (died 1536), Moravian Anabaptist leader.]
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(Christian Churches, other) a member of an Anabaptist Christian sect founded in Moravia, branches of which established farming communities in western Canada and the northwest US
[C19: after Jacob Hutter (died 1536), Moravian Anabaptist]
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(ˈhʌt əˌraɪt, ˈhʊt-)

a member of an Anabaptist sect founded in Moravia that practices community of goods.
[1635–45; after Jacob Hutter (d. 1536), leader of the sect; see -ite1]
Hut•ter•i•an (həˈtɪər i ən, hʊ-) adj., n.
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For the first time in the three-year partnership, a Hutterite colony has taken up Viterra's offer of land.
Cooking times ranged from 1 hour to 1 hour 25 minutes, with Pinto, Jacob's Cattle, and Tiger's Eye all having the shortest cooking times, while Hutterite Soup had the highest (Table 1).
A recent US study comparing the Amish and Hutterites population prevalence of asthma by Stein et al showed that Amish population who adhere to traditional farming practices had lower prevalence of asthma relative to Hutterite population who use industrialised farming.
As we shall see, his personal experience of the evil spreading across Europe gives added force to his pivotal speech as Peter, the leader of a Hutterite colony.
Intriguingly, in Hutterite populations the rate was more than double (21.3%) in spite of a similar genetic background and lifestyle between the two groups.
The paper, published Thursday in the ( New England Journal of Medicine , studied 60 children of school-going age, 30 from the Amish community in Middlebury, Indiana and 30 from the Hutterite colony near Mitchell in South Dakota.
Hutterite Diaries: Wisdom from My Prairie Community.
Hofer is from rural Manitoba and grew up living communally with a colony of Hutterite Brethren.
For example, it has an in-kind arrangement with a Hutterite farm community that allows the company to use the community's telemetry tower for rural fixed wireless service; in exchange, EOT provides free Wi-Fi to the Hutterites' houses and school.
Katz and Lehr offer a detailed view of Hutterite communities, communal societies that the authors say have been subjected to unwarranted criticism in recent years.
It was abundantly clear to Hutterite leaders that their way of life was threatened and they would have to respond by uprooting themselves from their comfortable homes to seek sanctuary elsewhere.