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Adj.1.Huxleyan - of or relating to Thomas Huxley
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Third, the status of technoscience being, arguably, at the very core of the (obvious) vices and (alleged) virtues of the growth religion, a brief Huxleyan speculation on its axiological neutrality helps us to conclude.
Along these Huxleyan lines, a character in Eclipse of the Sun explains that "it wasn't the evil things that were killing us.
In her journey within and against evolutionary theory, she consistently protests Darwinian materialism, provisionally adopts Spencerian teleology while rejecting its evolutionary ethic, and ultimately, antedating Huxleyan theory, calls for moral combat against cosmic evolutionary forces.
And though not known for making specific claims on behalf of the arts in general, Postman, in Amusing Ourselves to Death, outlines, too, the importance of "the Huxleyan warning" in Brave New World (1932).
At times, the world feels dystopian, though not in a Huxleyan but rather immensely shabby way.
Huxley to Aldous Huxley) that involves a conceptual genealogy (Darwinian ethics to Huxleyan biopolitics) and in the process, as part of a wholly personal agenda, commend the importance of Aldous Huxley's 1948 novel Ape and Essence for any articulation of Darwin's literary legacy.
The two key metaphors used to describe the two species are ants and cattle, and both indicate that the Huxleyan "State of Art" has been supplanted by the "State of Nature." Ants and cattle are prisoners of their biological makeup, which as Huxley argues, is beyond ethics.
My instructions from my uncle were to put my life in Laura's hands, and she supposedly would mold me according to Huxleyan holiness of some kind.
(The liberated animals are eventually shot by frightened Coalition forces.) Rick Veitch lampoons the romanticization of war in Army @ Love, in which a Huxleyan Department of Motivation and Morale entices soldiers to fight in "Afbaghistan" by making conflict sexy and fun.
Wells and a Huxleyan Ethics of Communication" (73) discusses utopian efforts to unite the community of mankind and the presumption that the great reach of the wireless could so easily be made good use of.
In a unique approach, the author brings to life Orwellian and Huxleyan dystopias in a fusion in her analysis of the new imperial order.
While this note is really a very tentative one, it does signal a Huxleyan call for the control of amoral Nature by ethical and moral approaches.