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1. Greek Mythology The five daughters of Atlas and sisters of the Pleiades, placed by Zeus among the stars.
2. A cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus, the five brightest of which form a V, supposed by ancient astronomers to indicate rain when they rose with the sun.

[Latin, from Greek Huades, probably from hūs, pig; see sū- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈhaɪəˌdiːz) or


pl n
(Astronomy) an open cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. Compare Pleiades1
[C16: via Latin from Greek huades, perhaps from huein to rain]


pl n
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth seven nymphs, daughters of Atlas, whom Zeus placed among the stars after death
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(ˈhaɪ əˌdiz)

also Hy•ads


1. a large cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus, supposed by the ancients to herald rain when they rose with the sun.
2. (in Greek myth) a group of nymphs and sisters of the Pleiades who nurtured the infant Dionysus and were placed among the stars as a reward.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin < Greek, =hý(ein) to rain + -ades, pl. of -as -ad1]
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Noun1.Hyades - (Greek mythology) 7 daughters of Atlas and half-sisters of the Pleiades; they nurtured the infant Dionysus and Zeus placed them among the stars as a reward
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
nymph - (classical mythology) a minor nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden; "the ancient Greeks believed that nymphs inhabited forests and bodies of water"
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He wrought the earth, the heavens, and the sea; the moon also at her full and the untiring sun, with all the signs that glorify the face of heaven--the Pleiads, the Hyads, huge Orion, and the Bear, which men also call the Wain and which turns round ever in one place, facing.
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