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n.1.(Paleon.) An extinct genus of sharks having conical, compressed teeth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Previous studies (Pla et al., 2009; 2013) on isolated teeth from the same samples that the scales of this study identified the following tooth based species: Palaeobates angustissimus (Agassiz, 1838), Pseudodalatias henarejensis Botella, Plasencia, Marquez-Aliaga, Cuny and Dorka, 2010; Hybodus bugarensis Pla, Marquez-Aliaga and Botella, in press; Prolatodon bucheri (Cuny, Rieppel and Sander, 2001); Prolatodon contrarius (Johns, Barnes and Orchard, 1997); Hybodus plicatilis Agassiz, 1838; and Lissodus aff.
Finally, the partial correlation analysis between the relative abundances of functional types of scales and tooth-based taxa allowed the detection of a positive correlation between teeth of Hybodus and Pseudodalatias and drag reduction scales, and teeth of Prolatodon and scales of the abrasion resistant In summary, our analyses show that, despite their limited taxonomic value, isolated scales can be a useful tool for palaeoenvironmental and palaeoecological inferences of the chondrichthyan palaeocommunity.
Vertebrate fossils reported from the fossil localities include sharks, Hybodus sp., Pseudohypolophus mcnultyi, Rhinobatos sp., and Leptostyrax bicuspidatus, and an amphibian, Prosiren elinorae, as well as other Caudata and Anura (Winkler et al., 1990).