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Additional Chief Secretary Hyder Ali, IG Police Balochistan Mohsin Hassan Butt, high police officials and families of martyrs attended the ceremony.
aAnother blacksmith of the area Hyder Ali said: "I used to pay Tk1000- 2000 monthly to my employees but now they demand Tk10,000-15,000." Blaming lack of government patronisation for the fall of the business, Mohammad Abu Jafar, a blacksmith of the Karwan Bazar, said: "If the authorities concerned provided us interest-free bank loans, we could mitigate our sufferings." Poor marketing facilities also prevent them from getting fair prices.
These on-going schemes included an underpass at Submarine Chowrangi, replacement of the damaged 12-dia water supply pipeline, enhancement of machinery at UC-4 Metroville pumping station, water supply line from Hazar Chowk to Al-Wajid Town, rehabilitation of Karachi Zoo scheme, construction of road between Tank Chowrangi and Super Highway via Thadho Nala, a flyover at Tipu Sultan intersection, an underpass at Tariq Road intersection along Shaheed-i-Millat Road, an underpass at Hyder Ali intersection, reconstruction of Stadium Road, construction of a stormwater drain between Star Gate and Chakor Nala, etc.
Work on Underpass ay Tariq Road Intersection along Shaheed Millat Road of Rs314.491 million has been done by 8- percent while work on Underpass at Hyder Ali Intersection of Rs273.776 million has been achieved by 70 percent.
The 2019 Valedictorian, Maisam Hyder Ali, a graduate in Social Development and Policy, and recipient of the Dean's Medal and the President's Medal, gave a speech in which he spoke about his own personal experiences at Habib and how the University had opened opportunities for him.
The projects also include construction of flyover at Tipu Sultan Road intersection, underpass at Hyder Ali Road intersection and underpass at Tariq Road intersection along Shaheed-e-Millat Road; rehabilitation and improvement of Karachi Zoo, construction of underpass at Submarine Chowrangi, U-Turn at Natha Khan Bridge, widening and re-construction of Stadium Road from University Road to Rashid Minhas Road, and rehabilitation and improvement of roads in surrounding area of Lea Market, Lyari South, Karachi.
The deceased were identified as, Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Suleman, Hyder Ali, Mohammad Asif, Khalid Mehmood and Aamir Shehzad.
The deceased were identified as, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Suleman, Hyder Ali, Muhammad Asif, Khalid Mehmood and Aamir Shehzad.
Tipu, the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali and Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa, is famous in history for his innovation in coinage and for the introduction of a new land revenue system that had literally stimulated the growth of Mysore's silk industry.
He was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore.
Sprawling across 240 acres in the heart of Bangalore, it started out in 1760 as the private garden of Mysore ruler Hyder Ali. The government-run garden is home to the largest collection of tropical plants in India and a popular spot for bird-watching.
Hyder Ali Manir, 20, from Worcester, was reported missing on Sunday, January 30, when he failed to return from a climb.