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Noun1.Hydnocarpus - medium to large Indonesian and Malaysian trees
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Flacourtiaceae, flacourtia family, Flacourtiaceae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs
chaulmoogra, chaulmoogra tree, chaulmugra, Hydnocarpus kurzii, Taraktagenos kurzii, Taraktogenos kurzii - East Indian tree with oily seeds yield chaulmoogra oil used to treat leprosy
Hydnocarpus laurifolia, Hydnocarpus wightiana - leathery-leaved tree of western India bearing round fruits with brown densely hairy rind enclosing oily pulp that yields hydnocarpus oil
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Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus from Lampang province, Thailand, was cleaned, dried, and then separated into seed hulls and kernels.
Categories Substance with HILI Alkaloids Aconitine; febrifugine; ajmaline; vincristine Glycosides Cardiac glycosides; cyanogenic glycosides; saponins; bulbifera Toxic proteins toxin fruit; croton, castor; abrinjatropha; trichosanthes; centipede; snake venom; viper Terpene and Toosendan; spurge; Coriaria leaf; wormwood lactones leaves Tannins Gall; peel; holly leaf Heavy metals Cinnabar; realgar; light powder; litharge; vitriol; red lead Other toxic Garcinia; red fennel root; Hydnocarpus, components Pinellia ternata; daphne; melon pedicle acids; Asarum; rue; mint; Asarum forbesii; musk grass
A comparison of sulphone and hydnocarpus therapy of leprosy.
Somewhat more controversially, for a dictionary that aims to give prominence to the American variety of English, KFD features a disproportionately high number of Briticisms, the most curious among them being items of Anglo-Indian provenance, such as, e.g., kheda 'enclosure for catching elephants', or chaulmoogra 'East-Indian tree, Taractogenos or Hydnocarpus, the oil of which is used for treating leprosy and skin diseases'.
Hydnocarpus kurzii was used by the practitioner for treatment of leg infections; the plant is reportedly used by the Manipuri tribe of Sylhet, Bangladesh to treat leprosy (Rana et al., 2010).
Cytotoxic mycoepoxydiene derivatives from an endophytic fungus Phomopsis sp isolated from Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus.
INCI name: Water an hydnocarpus kurzii oil and nigella sativa seed oil and leptospermum scoparium oil and potassium lauroyl wheat amino acids and palm glycerides and caprloyl glycine and magnolia officinalis bark