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Noun1.Hydrangeaceae - sometimes included in the family Saxifragaceae
rosid dicot family - a family of dicotyledonous plants
order Rosales, Rosales - in some classifications this category does not include Leguminosae
genus Hydrangea - type genus of Hydrangeaceae; large genus of shrubs and some trees and vines with white or pink or blue flower clusters; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
genus Carpenteria - one species; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
Decumaria, genus Decumaria - small genus of woody climbers with adhesive aerial roots; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
genus Deutzia - genus of ornamental mostly deciduous shrubs native to Asia and Central America; widespread in cultivation; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
Philadelphaceae, subfamily Philadelphaceae - one genus; usually included in family Hydrangeaceae
genus Schizophragma, Schizophragma - small genus of deciduous climbing and creeping shrubs with white flowers in flat clusters; sometimes placed in family Saxifragaceae
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dorsalis has been detected on roses (Rosa spp.; Rosaceae) in California and was overwintering on hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.; Hydrangeaceae) in New York (Dickey et al.
Mhujvar Hydrangeaceae Elsholtzia fruticosa (D.Don) Rehder Pothi Lamiaceae Zanthoxylum armatum DC.
1 0 Griseliniaceae Griselinia Apiales 1 0 0 2 Grubbiaceae Grubbia Comales 0 0 0 -- Helwingiaceae Helwingia Aquifoliales 1 0 0 2 Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea Comales D 1 0 ?
The family Hydrangeaceae consists of 17 genera and 170 species that are widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere, with a few additional species also reaching Southeast Asia.
Hydrangeaceae (6654) 6/4/98 Hyeronima oblonga (Tul.) Euphorbiaceae Muell.
Family Name (Latin and Common): Hydrangeaceae, the Hydrangea family
Asterid 4: Alangiaceae, Araliaceae, Cornaceae (Cornus), Nyssaceae, Hydrangeaceae.
In Hydrangeaceae, Schizophragma has pronouncedly monosymmetric, onesided sterile flowers at the periphery of the inflorescences (Hufford, 2004), and Kirengeshoma has flowers with sigmoidally curved pollination organs.