Hydraulic accumulator

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an accumulator for hydraulic machinery of any kind. See Accumulator, 2.

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The pistons used in dual-dutch transmission hydraulic accumulators are ordinarily made of steel.
Triet, Kyoung (2012) presented a novel hydraulic ERS which was based on a hydrostatic transmission system and used a hydraulic accumulator to store energy.
Hydraulic energy recuperation from braking with the help of hydraulic accumulators helps to meet the demand for fuel-saving solutions.
Within Freudenberg, Tobul will be able to expand its international operations and secure the top spot among global hydraulic accumulator suppliers, said Jim Tobul, founder of the company.
When 9th Street Investments helped finance Loveland's Lightning Hybrids, there was only one supplier making the requisite hydraulic accumulators that recycled brake power into the engine.
This paper mainly presents a new hybrid hydraulic excavator energy recovery system which combines the hydraulic accumulator and the electric regeneration unit together.
The main components of the entire hydraulic system include constant pressure variable pump, hydraulic accumulator, and hydraulic transformer, and the actuators contain boom hydraulic cylinder, bucket hydraulic cylinder, arm hydraulic cylinder, swing motor, and travel motors.
On removal of the massive steel piston of the hydraulic accumulator, it was obvious that the seals were in a poor state.
After reviewing scientific works, the following cases of using hydraulic accumulator were established: enables an economical use of fuel in excavators (Godin and Schubert 2008); prevents from water shocks in various hydraulic systems (Nachtwey 2006); prolongs the exploitation of hydraulic systems (Flippo 2008; Nachtwey 2006); makes the administration of hydraulic systems easier (Nachtwey 2006); reduces noise in hydraulic machines (Godin 2009; Song et al.
Says Arburg, "This combination is further enhanced by performance-adapted hydraulic accumulator technology.
Traditionally, it was thought that a dedicated micro-molding or hydraulic accumulator driven machine was required for this type of molding, according to the company.
The EPA's system uses two hydraulic accumulator vessels and two hydraulic pump motor units.