Hydraulic accumulator

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an accumulator for hydraulic machinery of any kind. See Accumulator, 2.

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Hydraulic energy recuperation from braking with the help of hydraulic accumulators helps to meet the demand for fuel-saving solutions.
The order comprises a total of 48 control cylinders, 24 hydraulic accumulators and 24 stop valves, and will be delivered by the end of 2017.
Additionally, the Telsmith T900 is nitrogen-free and is engineered with a patented release system that eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive hydraulic accumulators.
HODGE CLEMCO, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-performance hydraulic accumulators for demanding environments has upgraded and expanded its production facilities with a free-standing blast-room with high-grade noise containment.
When 9th Street Investments helped finance Loveland's Lightning Hybrids, there was only one supplier making the requisite hydraulic accumulators that recycled brake power into the engine.
The hybrid excavator, which is now in mass production, makes use of three main technologies: hydraulic accumulators that store energy from the braking of the swing of the upper structure; a patented value which manages restrictions and flows to control machine motion with no loss of power; and an electronic pump that manages engine power and transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator.
Auxiliary gas bottles are used for gas capacitance, in most cases in conjunction with hydraulic accumulators to extend functionality.
The MK Cl delivers only that pressure and no more, unlike conventional systems based on hydraulic accumulators.
That technology, which included brake energy recovery using hydraulic accumulators, targeted vehicle applications with frequent start-and-stop duty cycles and heavy workloads.