Hydraulic valve

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(Mach.) A valve for regulating the distribution of water in the cylinders of hydraulic elevators, cranes, etc.
(Gas Works) An inverted cup with a partition dipping into water, for opening or closing communication between two gas mains, the open ends of which protrude about the water.

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Hoffmann + Krippner (Alpharetta, GA) has announced a family of INELTA LVDT hydraulic valve position sensing solutions used in a range of industries such as oil & gas, power generation, or wherever a precise valve position in hydraulic applications is required.
New Rotork CQ pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators are engineered to deliver a self-contained solution for applications demanding functional integrity and safety where space is limited.
USPRwire, Thu Jan 29 2015] Hydraulic valve actuators are used in flow control application, for the actuation of valves using hydraulic fluid power.
The work involved the upgrade and replacement of hydraulic valve systems within the site's six cooling towers.
The presented stationary measurement results for this new water valve are compared with accessible results from a commercially available oil hydraulic valve [14].
The system controls up to eight zones and has a hydraulic valve block to actuate the pins.
The 49-hp Ditch Witch FX50 vacuum excavator can be customized to a customer's specifications, with choices of tank sizes, trailer configurations, and options such as hydraulic booms, water heaters and hydraulic valve exercisers.
On ANA's flight 651 from Tokyo's Haneda airport, the monitor issued a warning that the landing gear had not come out due to a hydraulic valve glitch shortly before the scheduled landing time of 8:50 a.
Schaeffler has also collaborated with Fiat Powertrain on the development of a fully variable hydraulic valve control system, which reduces vehicle fuel consumption and cuts C[O.
The Alo Loader Control System consists of a hydraulic valve, joystick, and either cable or wires (depending on the configuration) to operate a front-end loader.
Ross maintains green and nobake sand capabilities, providing aluminum castings to the fuel pump, hydraulic valve, aerospace, specialty and high performance automotive, general manufacturing and diesel truck industries.

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