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a.1.Pertaining to, employed in, or produced by, the evolution of electricity by means of a battery in which water or steam is used.
Hydro-electric machine
(Physics) an apparatus invented by Sir William Armstrong of England for generating electricity by the escape of high-pressure steam from a series of jets connected with a strong boiler, in which the steam is produced.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The "Drax" tartan, formally registered yesterday in the official Scottish Register of Tartans, is based on the Clan MacColl Sett in recognition of the pre-war hydro-electric pioneer Sir Edward MacColl, deputy chairman of the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board and the "father" of Cruachan Power Station, but altered from the original to incorporate 15 dark blue threads in honour the 15 men who lost their lives in the construction of the power station between 1959 and 1965.
The government has approved RM76 million to provide 1.21 hectares (three acres) of land to each of the residents involved in the resettlement programme as a result of the development of the Bakun Dam Hydro-Electric Power Station, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
By ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor farming@dailypost.co.uk A CONWY farmer landed himself in trouble after his hydro-electric plant reduced a local stream to a "trickle".
THE National Trust is set to bid today to secure an archive which sheds new light on the operation of the world-first hydro-electric system on a Northumberland estate.
A consortium led by UAE-based energy and water company TAQA has agreed to acquire two hydro-electric plants in India from Jaiprakash Power Ventures in a deal worth about $1.6 billion, making TAQA the largest private operator of hydro-electric plants in India.
Pakistan could have secured better share of water in the final award in case of Kishanganga hydro-electric project (KHEP) if its plea was duly supported by required data of international standards, particularly vis-A -vis environment, hydro-electric usages and agriculture.
It also approved $68m, 43% of total project costs, for the Inga Site Development and kElectricity Access Support Project in DRC with a vast hydro-electric potential estimated at 44,000 MW.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Chaudhary Abdul Majeed has directed the office-bearers of Hydro-electric Board to speed up the Hydel-generation plans in order to lessen power crisis.
The contracts have been awarded by Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd, a subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corp.
International Resource News-January 25, 2012--POWERGRID International magazine and PennWell Corporation honours Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
A FIVE-MILE tunnel has finally been cut through the hills above Loch Ness as part of a pounds 140million hydro-electric scheme.