n.1.An apparatus for drying anything, as yarn, cloth, sugar, etc., by centrifugal force; a centrifugal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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* one continuous hydro-extractor from Rousselet Centrifugation type SCPC150VxTE for hydro-extraction of short textile fibers in loose stock after treatment, capacity 1,000 kg/h of cotton,
* one batch hydro-extractor Rousselet Centrifugation from type SC120Vx, polyvalent hydro-extractor for garment, fabric or hosiery, capacity 110 kg of dry textile,
The process of hydro-extraction and folding of tubular knits is quite frequently used as a combination, comprising a centrifugal hydro-extractor or also a simple squeezing extractor with a wet-plaiting machine.
Co-N inverter control net centrifugal hydro-extractor.
An advert for Broadbent's hydro-extractors (top); an X craft submarine under construction (above left) and work in the busy fctory at Queen Street South
1860: Hand-wringers replace mechanised steam-driven hydro-extractors (dryers).
They offer heat recovery - dispensing and automation - fixing and conditioning - hydro-extractors - yarn dyeing - loose fiber dyeing and hydrophilization - fabric dyeing machines.
Thomas Broadbent and Sons Ltd began life by making hydro-extractors for the textile industry to remove water from washed wool.
* Yarn dyeing plants including soft winding, rewinding, hydro-extractors, RF dryers, as well as cotton bleaching plant.