Hydrodynamic friction

friction produced by the viscosity of a liquid in motion.

See also: Hydrodynamic

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The majority of the hydrodynamic friction losses occur at the midstroke region, because the highest piston velocity is achieved at this position [13].
Indeed, the hydrodynamic friction increases with viscosity.
Focusing on tribology--the study of friction between two shearing forces, and the hydrodynamic friction experienced in a blink--Dr Pult explained that shearing forces are greater in the higher viscosity tear film of a dry eye patient, so he recommended fitting dry-eyed contact lens patients with a lens which has a low coefficient of friction.
Note that the dielectric friction coefficient at infinite dilution [[beta].sup.[degrees].sub.p] is in general of the order of few percent and decreases with elongation L of the polyion so that the conductibility of the polyion is essentially governed by the ionic condensation process and the hydrodynamic friction [[lambda].sub.Poly] [approximately equals] [alpha] [[lambda].sub.P.sup.[degrees]HD].
Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic friction both have a fluid film of lubricant that separates the solid surfaces, the first created by externally applied fluid pressure, the second by viscous action.
where [d.sub.vx], [d.sub.[omega]y], is the coefficients of hydrodynamic friction according to the linear and rotational degrees of freedom correspondingly, l if the distance from the thruster to the AUV masses center, [[delta].sub.dmax] is the maximally possible thruster orientation angle in the horizontal plane
From physics perspective, in this field, leakages and errors depend on mechanical friction of the meter's rotor and hydrodynamic friction due to liquid viscosity.