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1. A process in which olefinic and carbocyclic petroleum products are converted to high-octane branched-chain alkanes in the presence of hydrogen and a catalyst under pressure and heat.
2. A manufacturing technique in which high-pressure hydraulic fluid is used to mold a sheet or tube of metal stock by forcing it against the surface of a die.

hy′dro·form′er n.
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1. (Chemistry) the catalytic reforming of petroleum to increase the proportion of aromatic and branched-chain hydrocarbons
2. (General Engineering) engineering a forming process in which a metal component is shaped by a metal punch forced against a die, consisting of a flexible bag containing a fluid
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"Our D-pillar at the front of the box is hydroformed, creates a continuous section from side-to-side, and saves nine pounds," says Wichman.
When hydroformed (c), the resulting shoulder is high, so the case is then full-length resized to proper dimensions (r.).
The model is to be built on a hydroformed ladder-frame chassis and is expected to get a larger screen infotainment system, three-spoke steering wheel and rectangular AC vents.
To increase the strength of the "pillarless'' design, which eliminates a roof support bisecting the side glass, a pair of hydroformed aluminum beams span the entire roof arch.
The solution was a highstrength, hydroformed aluminium alloy beam which runs from the front of the Apillar through to the back of the Dpillar, through the door opening line and back to the rear quarter window.
The Storme starts off from the new hydroformed body-on-frame X2 platform that Tata has been working on.
Making for a true off-roader, the ladder on frame chassis of the Safari Storme is constructed with advanced hydroformed members, for best off-road driving experience and a smooth ride.
We now leverage our experience and customer understanding, creating an ideal SUV for today's motorists." The Safari Storme's ladder frame chassis is constructed with advanced hydroformed members, for high load capabilities and robustness.
Applications include automotive welding, remote welding, hydroformed tube cutting, titanium welding, and aerospace cladding.
"They have light-weight hydroformed aluminium frames and are fitted with narrow tyres to reduce rolling resistance.