Hydrogen oxide

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a chemical name for water, H O.

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A food processor in California switched from a sodium hypochlorite bleaching process to one utilizing hydrogen oxide. In the past, the plant avoided the use of stainless steel bleaching vessels, due to the higher cost of the steel and the aggressiveness of the sodium hypochlorite toward it.
Deuterium oxide is thus two atomic mass units heavier than hydrogen oxide. In natural water 1 molecule in 7,000 is heavy water, and concentrating the heavy water is a laborious chemical and physical process.
Eight tenders for the supply of (a) different chemicals, (b) ultra hydrogen oxide, (c) rock sulfur, (d) tri sodium phosphate, (e) aluminum sulfate in liquid form, (f) sodium chloride in pills (tablets), (g) sulfuric acid, also (h) limestone.
Eight tenders for the supply of (a) 65 tons sodium chloride in tablets, (b) 321 tons ultra hydrogen oxide, (c) 786 tons liquid aluminum sulfate, (d) 3,308 tons rock sulfur, (e) 20.5 tons calcium hypo chloride, 32.8 tons liquid chlorine & 277 tons hydrochloride acid, (f) 71 tons concentrated sulfuric acid, (g) 2,190 tons caustic soda & (h) lube oils & greases.
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