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Study of leucocytic hydrolytic enzyme in patients with acute stage of coronary heart disease.
Tyczkowska-Sieron and Kurnatowski [16] decided to investigate the relationship between hydrolytic enzyme activity and resistance to fluconazole.
We hypothesized that because of the different rhizosphere functioning of the E+ and E-grasses, different hydrolytic enzyme activities and rhizosphere microbial indices can be expected.
One factor that contributes to the process of virulence is hydrolytic enzyme production, which is known to play a central role in the pathogenicity of C.
albicans used in our previous study (Khan et al., 201 Ob) were investigated for hydrolytic enzyme secretions and hyphal formation.
Cinnamic aldehydes affect hydrolytic enzyme secretion and morphogenesis in oral Candida isolates.
The use of a hydrolytic enzyme formulation developed by Dr.
Iowa State University (Ames, IA) has patented SHE, a Starch Hydrolytic Enzyme active in maize endosperm (Zea mays), and the cDNA sequence encoding SHE.