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n.1.An instrument used for the purpose of obtaining specimens of water from any desired depth, as in a river, a lake, or the ocean.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"They gave us a notification on June 16 citing problems with the angle of the wheelchair ramp at the entrance, the height of the attic, the fire hydrophore system and the connection between the water supply and fire cabinets, which had all been addressed prior to the issuance of the permit.
Quantitative sample collection of phytoplankton is as follows: organic glass hydrophore was used to collect water samples; the volume of water sample was 1000 mL; for water which was no more than 3 meters deep and the water masses of which were well mixed, one sample of 1000 mL needed to be collected from the surface (0.5 meter), while for water which was 3 to 10 meters deep, one sample of 500 mL from the surface and one sample of 500 mL from the bottom needed to be collected and mixed.
* Deluge systems; * Sprinkler systems; * Foam systems: local, centralised; * High expansion; * Powder and dual agent systems; * Gaseous systems such as inergen; * Argonite, FM200, CO etc; * Foam proportioning equipment; * Deluge, sprinkler and foam nozzles; * Hydrophore systems; * Foam concentrates; and * Powder.
The adaptation to variable regimes is done by the hydrophore's usage, [2, 3].
Norwegian technology company Bjorge ASA said on Wednesday (21 November) that its subsidiary, Fire Protection Engineering AS, has received an order for active hydrophore systems from StatoilHydro ASA.
An alternative method, the [N.sub.4]/[P.sub.4] method, which compared the estimated number of whales passing within the viewing range of census observers ([N.sub.4]) and the proportion detected by the hydrophore array ([P.sub.4]), resulted in an estimate of 8,000 (95% C.I.: 6,900-9,200) for the 1993 census.