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Unveiled in July 2017, this medium-duty SUT is truly innovative -- engineered from the ground up with an all-electric powertrain, unique storage options, all-aluminum chassis, adjustable hydropneumatic suspension, and convertible cab panels.
Hydropneumatic suspension system for a smooth ride.
The model represents a single wheel of a car in which the wheel is connected to the quarter portion of the car body through a hydropneumatic suspension.
FLOATING - not a bad way of describing the sensation of bowling along in the new DS 5, since it can trace its heritage right back to the original DS 19 with its fabulous hydropneumatic suspension.
The ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension system allows suspension adjustment at any time, even on the go, for varying field conditions, and decreases crop contamination via soil by 17 percent.
Equipped with ground-breaking new technology of the day, including electronically-controlled anti-lock brakes and self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension it was an exercise in what some of the best automotive brains of the time were capable of if given free rein.
ARMA with longitudinal and transverse differential locks, geared hubs and double wishbone type independent hydropneumatic suspension, offers respectable all terrain mobility on difficult terrain, high level safety and comfort for the crew.
The SM used a Maserati V6 engine and was crammed full of amazing features such as hydropneumatic suspension that gave it one of the smoothest rides in history.
In fact it literally sped away thanks to its then revolutionary hydropneumatic suspension system.
Among the unique features will be a head-up display in the windscreen ahead of the driver, a socalled active bonnet to protect pedestrians, hydropneumatic suspension with electronically-controlled springing and damping, a speed-sensitive air deflector and laminated side windows In addition to the standard C6 there will be more luxurious trim levels denoted by Linage and Exclusive.