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n.1.Same as Dropsy.
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Hydropsy Abdominal Over Total inability fat to strain 1 2 3 -- 34 2 4 2 -- 39 3 -- 1 -- 11 4 -- -- 2 9 5 -- 3 4 22 6 9 6 115 Table 3: Treatment opted to resolve dystocia Sr.
33) The poet himself continued to live with his afflictions, to which was added hydropsy (edema), and remained in hiding--perhaps out of necessity, but certainly because he was convinced, until the end, that exhibiting his poverty would be the worst disaster:
Brands declared safe by PCRWR were Nestle, Kinely, Aquafina Springley, Well O, Natural Excellent, Kisan (Better Life), Minra, Khaleej, Aqua RO, Premier, Blu Water, Sufi, Avisa, Aqua Feen,Legend, Aqua Habib, Selina, Vital,Clear,Hydra, Life,Pak zam zam, Spring Fresh , Vey, Sun Lay, Jel, Marjan, Aqua Vie, Liza, A ONE, Tahoor, Aqua Hygienic,First Water, Ab e Hayat, Hydropsy,Kerry, Via,Neble, Khyber Aqua, Natural Aqua, Sparklet,Nectar, Splash Dew, Good Ly, Khush Abb, Gourmet,Morning Mist,Aqua Save and Al Shalal.