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a.1.(Med.) Causing a discharge of water or phlegm.
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GOLDILOCKS - Bethan Cokeley, eight, of Westerhope, getting fitted for a wig by Maria Hastie, of Natural Image; SMILE FOR THE CAMERA - Bethan Cokeley suffers from hydrotic ectodermal dysplasia; NEW LOOK - Bethan wearing her wig
I have learned that many of these symptoms are associated with something called hydrotic ectodermal dysplasia (also known as Clouston syndrome, a group of genetic syndromes involving the hair, teeth, and nails which includes extreme sensitivity to light, neurodevelopmental problems, and dysmorphic facial features).
The illness, known as hydrotic ectodermal dyspla-sia, also affects Bethan's nails, leaving them unusually thick and brittle.