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n.1.A device for raising water by the direct action of steam; a pulsometer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Zhu, "Producing wood-based nanomaterials by rapid fractionation of wood at 80[degrees]C using a recyclable acid hydrotrope," Green Chemistry, vol.
Polyamines could stabilize the membrane based on its polycationic nature at physiological pH [87], proline acts as a protein-compatible hydrotrope or as a hydroxyl radical scavenger to regulate the NAD+/NADH ratio [88], while [gamma]-aminobutyric acid is involved in osmotic regulation, ROS scavenge, and intracellular signal transduction [89].
Extraction of piperine from Piper nigrum (black pepper) by aqueous solutions of surfactant and surfactant + hydrotrope mixtures.
While the polyelectrolyte TAMOL 1124 Dispersant may have depressed the cloud points because of the salts in solution, the hydrophobic TAMOL 2002 Dispersant was acting as a hydrotrope and helping to solubilize the surfactant.
Type C (which could be a low molecular weight oil soluble hydrotrope) is mostly used as an 'interface controller' and is used in applications where rag material persists at an interface.
There occurs complexation of the active with a hydrotrope, Ubisol-Aqua, to form micelles of nanometer size, which offer advantages over existing solubilization technologies.
8,975,220 B1; Clorox has patented a composition that consists of a homopolymer of diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride; an oxidant selected from the group consisting of a hypohalous acid, a hypohalite, and mixtures thereof; water; and optionally, an adjuvant selected from the group consisting of a fragrance, a hydrotrope, a colorant, a dye, a buffer, a chelating agent, an electrolyte, an antimicrobial agent, a solvent, a stain and soil repellent, a lubricant, an odor control agent, a perfume, a fragrance release agent, an acid, a base, a solubilizing material, a stabilizer, an anti-corrosion agent, a thickener, a defoamer, a cloud-point modifier, a preservative, a water immiscible solvent, an enzyme, and mixtures thereof.
It is comprised of at least one surfactant selected from the group consisting of anionic, nonionic, cationic, zwitterionic, amphoteric surfactants, and mixtures thereof; benzyl alcohol; ethanol; at least one hydrotrope; a single antibacterial active selected from the group consisting of halogenated benzyl alcohol derivatives, halogenated hydroxydiphenylethers, quaternary ammonium salts, a peroxide bleach system; and at least one sequestering agent.
The fire-resistant and anti-wear properties of phosphate esters make them a preferred choice in important applications, such as fire retardants, hydraulic systems, emulsifying agents, lubricants, hydrotropes in cleaning applications, corrosion inhibitors, anti-static agents, and wetting agents.
Water based laundry detergent formulation comprises surfactant, builders, bleaches, antimicrobial agents, fabric softeners, fragrances, optical brighteners, preservative, hydrotropes (to prevent gel formation or separation), processing aids, and foam regulators (to reduce foam formation) [10].
Hydrotropes are used to increase the solubility of drugs such as diclofenac.