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Noun1.hydroxybenzoic acid - a crystalline derivative of benzoic acid
hydroxy acid - any acid that has hydroxyl groups in addition to the hydroxyl group in the acid itself
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They looked at the link between phenolic acids, including hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids, and breast cancer in 11,028 women.
The obtained results indicate that hydroxybenzoic acids and flavones constitute their main phenolic classes.
Simple phenolic acids (C6C1) are divided into two groups: hydroxybenzoic acids (e.g., benzoic acid and gallic acid) and hydroxycinnamic acids (e.g., caffeic, ferulic, p-coumaric, sinapic, and cinnamic acids) [5].
In this sense, the metabolic production of phenolic acids in salvilla (Buddleja scordioides) promotes the synthesis of 5 hydroxybenzoic acids and 7 hydroxycinnamic acids (Table 2).
and hydroxybenzoic acids, for example, vanilic acid and gallic acid, while polyphenols contain at least two phenol rings which are joined together with a short three carbon chain.
In current study, phenolic acids, such as hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids, were the predominant phenolic compounds in BSG (Tsao & Yang, 2003).
ellagic acid, hydroxybenzoic acids and ferulic acid) [30].
Blackberries were found to score higher than or as high as other berries when measured for several polyphenols, including hydroxybenzoic acids, anthocyanins and monomeric flavonols.