Hyla arenicolor

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Noun1.Hyla arenicolor - a small chiefly ground dweller that stays within easy jumping distance of water; of United States southwest and northern Mexico
tree frog, tree toad, tree-frog - arboreal amphibians usually having adhesive disks at the tip of each toe; of southeast Asia and Australia and America
genus Hyla, Hyla - the type genus of the Hylidae; tree toads
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En este arbol fueron excluidas las especies que tuvieron menos de siete colectas en los muestreos; unicamente se consideraron siete especies de anfibios (Rheohyla miotympanum, Lithobates spectabilis, Hyla eximia, Hyla arenicolor, Leptodactylus fragilis, Smilisca baudinii y Ambystoma mexicanum) y dos de renacuajos (R.
Hyla arenicolor (Canyon treefrog) is a larger frog than P regilla and it never produces the large dorsal prominence with distinctive knob tubercle of the chorus frog and fossil.
Trombiculid mites (Hannemania sp.) in canyon tree frogs (Hyla arenicolor).
Hyla arenicolor was distributed across a wider elevational range than other amphibians and Rana yavapaiensis occurred across a moderately wide elevational range, yet only in four drainages.
Eleutherodactylus guttilatus (Spotted Chirping Frog), Bufo punctatus (Red-spotted Toad), Hyla arenicolor (Canyon Tree Frog), and Rana berlandieri (Rio Grande Leopard Frog).