Hyla regilla

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Noun1.Hyla regilla - the most commonly heard frog on the Pacific coast of America
tree frog, tree toad, tree-frog - arboreal amphibians usually having adhesive disks at the tip of each toe; of southeast Asia and Australia and America
genus Hyla, Hyla - the type genus of the Hylidae; tree toads
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Variations in salinity tolerance in the Pacific Treefrog, Hyla regilla, in Oregon [dissertation].
Helminth communities of subpopulations of the Pacific treefrog, Hyla regilla (Hylidae), from Baja California, Mexico.
has been reported in Bufo boreas, Bufo woodhouse, Hyla regilla, Rana aurora and Rana catesbeiana from the northwest United States (Lehmann, 1965).
Ponds also provide breeding habitat for other is, including the Pacific tree frog (Hyla regilla) and western toad (Bufo boreas), as well as habitat for mammals, reptiles, and birds.
Helminth County Trematoda Alaria mustelae Bosma, 1931 Hyla regilla Santa Clara Alaria sp.
species, the leopard frog (Rana pipiens) and the Pacific tree frog (Hyla regilla).
Two species of frogs (Hyla regilla and Rana aurora) were raised from eggs under one of three light regimes: [1] ambient sunlight, [2] sunlight blocked for UV wavelengths less than 450 nm (control), or [3] sunlight enhanced from 4.8% to 23% UV-B (280-320 nm) over ambient levels at noon, depending on atmospheric conditions (from sunny to overcast days, respectively [5]).
Predator mediated patch use by tadpoles (Hyla regilla): risk balancing or consequence of motionlessness?
We studied the effects of a pathogenic water mold, Saprolegnia ferax, on competitive interactions between the Cascades frog Rana cascadae and the Pacific treefrog Hyla regilla. Previous studies have shown that outbreaks of Saprolegnia infection in the Cascade mountains of Oregon, USA, result in high embryonic mortality for Rana but not for Hyla.