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Noun1.Hylophylax - a genus of Formicariidae
bird genus - a genus of birds
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Effects of forest heterogeneity on occurrence and abundance of the scale-backed antbird, Hylophylax poecilinotus (Aves: Thamnophilidae), in the Amazon forest.
Multiple spcciation across the Andes and throughout Amazonia: the ease of the spot-backed antbird species complex (Hylophylax naevius/ Hylophylax naevioides).
AE Rhegmatorhina cristata AE Phlegopsis erythroptera AA Willisornis poecilonota duidae GU Hylophylax naevius consobrinus AE Formicarius colma nigrifrons AA Schiffornis turdina amazona AA Xenopipo atronitens GU Heterocercus flavivertex AE Platyrinchus platyrhynchos platyrhynchos GU Poecilotriccus latirostre mituensis GU Lophotriccus galeatus GU Onychorhynchus coronatus castelnaui AA Neopipo cinnamomea cinnamomea AA Lathrotriccus euleri bolivianus AA?
Pirrunh especies Cranioleuca erythrops 'colaespina carirroja', Cercomacra tyrannina 'hormiguero negruzco', Hylophylax naevioides 'hormiguero moteado' y Myrmeciza laemosticta 'hormiguero alimaculado'.
Similarly, Hylopezus perspicillata, Formicarius analis, and Hylophylax naevioides (see also Willis 1972) were less numerous in hilly terrain.