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n. hipercloremia, exceso de cloruros en la sangre.
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The well-known clinical symptoms of CNDI are polydipsia, polyuria, hypernatremia and hyperchloraemia (17,18).
- HES solutions for infusion are also contraindicated in dehydrated patients, hyperhydrated patients, patients with intracranial or cerebral haemorrhage, burn injuries, severe hyperkalaemia, hypernatraemia, hyperchloraemia, congestive heart failure, organ transplant patients and patients with impaired hepatic function.
Hypochloraemia was present in 29.26% of cases, whereas hyperchloraemia was present in 7.32% of cases.
The measurement of lactate, the product of anaerobic metabolism, and the surrogate base deficit (BD) are well-recognised markers of cellular hypoperfusion and the severity of shock, [5] although BD may also be elevated under aerobic conditions such as acute kidney injury or hyperchloraemia, both of which commonly occur after major trauma as a result of renal hypoperfusion and excessive saline-containing resuscitation fluids.
The influence of hyperchloraemia on acid base interpretation in diabetic ketoacidosis.
As chloride regulates renal vascular resistance, the hyperchloraemia caused by 0.9% saline causes a reduction in glomerular filtration rate.
Impaired level of consciousness was defined as a Glasgow Coma Scale <15, hypernatraemia as uncorrected serum sodium >150 mmol/l, hypokalaemia as serum potassium <3.5 mmol/l, hyperkalaemia as serum potassium >5.5 mmol/l, hypochloraemia as serum chloride <94 mmol/l, and hyperchloraemia as serum chloride >104 mol/l.