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n. hipergammaglobulinemia, exceso de gamma globulina en la sangre.
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15] Certain prevailing factors in the tropics, however, have been shown to interfere with the transplacental transfer of IgGs: hypergammaglobulinaemia, owing to endemic and recurrent infections in the tropics, inversely affects the transfer of specific IgG, owing to the saturation of the Fc receptor;[16] HIV infection has also been shown to impair the ability of the mother to produce and transfer adequate IgGs to her fetus.
Polyclonal hypergammaglobulinaemia resulting from chronic B-cell stimulation and loss of normal T-cell function, as seen in the setting of HIV infection, could result in an inclination towards the development of MM in genetically predisposed individuals.
This condition was characterized by cirrhosis, plasma cell permeation of the liver, and hypergammaglobulinaemia.
Acquired (4)--Sjogren's syndrome, hypergammaglobulinaemia, chronic active hepatitis and systemic lupus erythematosus.