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Noun1.Hypericaceae - used in some classification systems for plants usually included among the Guttiferae
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Hypericales, order Hypericales, order Parietales, Parietales - a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
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Hypericum oblongifolium is a flowering plant in the Hypericaceae family, which comprises 9 genera and 540 species.
According to the same author, who studied Floristic in the same forest fragment, the main families found in the area are: Fabaceae, Sapindaceae, Malvaceae, Anacardiaceae, Myrtaceae, Melastomataceae, Bignoniaceae, Lauraceae, Hypericaceae, Urticaceae, Moraceae and Solanaceae.
Otherwise, there are a lot of families with only one species in that area as Aquifoliaceae, Araliaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Cupressaceae, Ericaceae, Hypericaceae, Orobanchaceae, Oxalidaceae, Pinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Polygalaceae, Pyrolaceae, Rhamnaceae, Salicaceae, Saxifragaceae, Taxaceae, Urticaceae and Valerianaceae.
For instance, we have seen the use of Saint John's Wort (a flowering plant of Hypericaceae family).
The low and intermediate types of transition seem to be common of the families Amaranthaceae, Annonaceae, Bignoniaceae, Cactaceae, Fabaceae and Hypericaceae (SOUZA, 2009).