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n. hipernefroma, tumor de Grawitz, neoplasma del parénquima renal.
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Hypernephroma of Thyroid, with Clinical Picture of Exophthalmic Goiter by Anatole Kolodny, PhD, MD, Iowa City
Remission of nephrotic syndrome in amyloidosis associated with a hypernephroma.
6) Ectopic prolactin secretion, such as bronchial tumor and hypernephroma.
The apparent disappearance of pulmonary metastasis in a case of hypernephroma following nephrectomy.
Hypernephroma (renal adenocarcinoma) is the most common primary malignant tumor in adults, comprising 80% of all malignant renal tumors.
5) There is also a case report of renal sarcoidosis coexisting with hypernephroma.
IFN is highly effective in the treatment of tumors that affect the vascular system, including hypernephroma, (1) hemangiomatosis (2) and gastrointestinal tumors, (3) in which significant vascularization develops.
2,3) Metastasis to the tonsils has been reported with different types of primary tumor, including cutaneous and mucosal melanomas, gastric and intestinal tract adenocarcinomas, hypernephroma, and various lung neoplasms.