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Noun1.Hyperoglyphe - a genus of Stromateidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Stromateidae, Stromateidae - butterfishes: harvest fishes; dollar fishes
barrelfish, black rudderfish, Hyperglyphe perciformis - blackish fish of New England waters
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At face value, such a phase shift indicates a systematic underaging of wreckfish by 5-6 years, but Filer and Sedberry (2008) observed a similar phase shift in an age validation study performed on barrelfish (Hyperoglyphe perciformis) captured from the Charleston Bump.
Former reports of Centrolophidae in Brazilian waters only indicate the presence of Centrolophus niger (CARVALHO-FILHO, 1999; BERNARDES et al., 2005; MENEZES et al., 2003) and Hyperoglyphe bythites (CARVALHO-FILHO, 1999), and/or actually H.